Club Operations Committee

Our Club Committee has been working this summer too:

  • Come and try the modified menus in place since Sept 1
  • The service has been enhanced
  • The committee really wants input from the residents so please address your comments, questions, and suggestions to the Committee through Calixto Rodriguez at 

Club Demolition Update


  • In  2015, the City of Miami issued a document called "demolition  waiver"  requiring the Developer to obtain all building permits for the construction of new Club Facilities before the present Club Facilities could be closed and demolished. However, on Friday, August 31st the City  issued the Developer a demolition permit without the prior issuance of  building permits. We believed that the issuance of the demolition permit  violated not only the City's "demolition waiver", but  Judge Miller's  Final Order of August 13, 2015, which also states that  there can be no  demolition permit issued without the prior issuance of  building permits.           
  • The  Association hired the law firm of Waldman Barnett to restrain the implementation of the permit and, if possible, have it rescinded.  We had  to hire a new firm, because our present attorneys, Weiss Serota,  have a  conflict in suing the City. However, they remain our attorneys in other matters before Judge Miller.

  • On  Friday, August 31st, Glen Waldman filed an emergency motion  for a  temporary restraining order before Judge Miller. He also filed on   September 4th, an independent mandamus complaint against the City of Miami seeking to rescind the demolition permit and not reissue it until building permits are issued.

  • On  September 5th, the Developer agreed in the pending case before Judge  Miller to enter into a stipulation agreement with the Association that  it could not implement the demolition permit until the  City issues to it  building permits. Also on September 5th, Judge  Miller signed an order  ratifying the stipulation agreement.

  • The mandamus action against the City will proceed.


The Board of Directors

Gym Committee


The meeting’s discussion focused on the Cybex Bravo multifunction machine. It is being considered as a possible replacement for the double cable cross over machine. While the new machine has many functions, it was agreed further research was needed it to see if it is compatible with our space and uses.


Capital Improvement Committee

  • The committee is sending residents a regular update via e-mail from Grove.Isle.News usually with the subject "Deck Project" .  
  • The last update was Oct 5.
  • Call your manager for another copy if you can't find yours.

To Reach the Official Minutes and Association Documents


Official minutes are posted after they have been approved by the committee.  The official minutes include more detail (like costs and names) than our summaries.  Find the minutes  along with all the management reports, community rules, forms and budgets in the FSR website.   Click above to reach the document section after logging in.   If you need help reaching the documents, call   +1.866.378.1099 24 hours a day 7 days a week