Club Operations Committee

Our Club Committee has been working this summer too:

  • Come and try the modified menus in place Sept 1
  • The service has been enhanced
  • The committee really wants input from the residents so please address your comments, questions, and suggestions to the Committee through Calixto Rodriguez at 

Design Committee

 July 6, 2018

The Design Committee met to discuss the hallway renovation, specifically to review the carpet selections. 

The Committee placed the samples in the hallways of buildings 2 and 3 but due to the  differences in the coloring of the door panels in each building, none of  the samples worked. 

The Committee plans to meet with the designer to review the issue and  discuss other suggestions. 

Sept 6 CIC Meeting Notes

See the CONSTRUCTION link above for an update of the construction as of October.

  • The Capital Improvement Committee met on September 6th. All  committee members were present along with approximately 25 interested  and concerned residents. Both DSS Construction Managers and Keith  Associates Civil Engineers sent representatives.

  • The first major discussion covered the current island drainage situation:

    As we already know, we have a major drainage issue which results in  flooding in many areas on our island. There has been no significant work  on this problem since the Island was developed in the late 1970s and  early 1980s.

    Keith Associates is submitting a plan to modernize and update the  original drainage system. There will be replacement and reconstruction  of four underground wells and associated exfiltration systems, such as  trenches and leaders. They have performed percolation testing and with  the information gathered, they have created the current proposal for the  solution of the drainage problems.

    Unfortunately, the main access road for all buildings is not our  property and we may or may not be able to improve on drainage in that  area as it requires the commitment of the adjacent developer.

    The good news is our civil engineer stated that there should be a  minimal amount of interference or inconvenience to the residents during  the drainage project.

  • The second major topic was the change in scheduling and explaining the delays:

    The work on Building 3’s Deck is several months late.  The reason why is  the residents vetoed the original deck aesthetic plan. A new architect  and engineer established a different plan which was approved. However  this meant we needed to get new permits.

    The new City of Miami permits have arrived and work will resume on Deck 3  shortly, per the Construction Manager, DSS. The other parts of the  large Capital project are basically on schedule.

  • Third, the painting of the three buildings has been completed. The  painting project was substantially over budget due to a large amount of  window sill and wall stucco repairs.

    The matching painting of the pool, deck walls, ramps and garage area  will take place when the major construction has been completed.

  • No date has yet been set for the next meeting.

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