Notes from a quiet summer

Club Operations Committee

Our Club Committee has been working this summer too:

  • They are working with the club to have a modified bar menu by Sept 1
  • Discussions include  a take-out 
  • service with drop-off (with a possible fee) and golf cart pick-ups as we had in the past  
  • The committee really wants input from the residents so please address your comments, questions, and suggestions to the Committee through Calixto Rodriguez at 

Design Committee

 July 6, 2018

The Design Committee met to discuss the hallway renovation, specifically to review the carpet selections. 

The Committee placed the samples in the hallways of buildings 2 and 3 but due to the  differences in the coloring of the door panels in each building, none of  the samples worked. 

The Committee plans to meet with the designer to review the issue and  discuss other suggestions. 

CIC Committee

 The next CIC meeting is Sept 6 at 4PM in Building Two.   But they have been working all summer:

  • As you know, we are progressing with our major construction  project addressing modernization and improvements to Grove Isle. This  simple summary is meant to update you on the progress that is being made  in some of the major areas. 
  • The deck and garages at Building #3 are behind schedule due to several required changes in the construction documents.   

Deck 3 

  • The repairs and the reconstruction of Deck #3 is almost complete.
  • Unfortunately Deck #3 was discovered to have areas which were not sufficient for the original landscape design.      
  • Several changes in the plans were agreed to by the construction and landscape architects. 
  • These documents have been revised and have been resubmitted to the  City of Miami.  We are waiting approval for the resubmitted plans.
  • Next , upon receipt of the approved plans, will be the entire weatherproofing of Deck #3. 
  • The repairs and reconstruction of the structural support columns in the Deck 3 garage have been completed.

Deck #2 and the Pool Area

  • The demolition and reconstruction of Deck #2, the pool deck, and the pool is in motion. 
  • The garages under these locations are next in line for column repairs and improvements. 
  • The perimeter wall on Deck #2 is being demolished at this time and the reconstruction of the pool itself is also taking place.

We are aware of the inconveniences that  this major improvement project creates for all of us. The CIC committee  will continue to work closely with the construction manager, and will  monitor and advise residents regarding the progress that is made.

CIC Committee

Please Clean Up After Your Dog


Important Notice About Dogs 

  • It has been brought to the attention of the Operations  Committee  that there is an on-going  violation of our rules. Several of the  residents of Grove Isle who own  dogs are not picking up their pet’s  feces in common areas and the  grounds. 
  • A letter has been sent to all residents via Grove.Isle.News  reminding dog owners to clean up after their pets but let your building  manager know if you observe offenders.

To Reach the Official Minutes and Association Documents


Official minutes are posted after they have been approved by the committee.  The official minutes include more detail (like costs and names) than our summaries.  Find the minutes  along with all the management reports, community rules, forms and budgets in the FSR website.   Click above to reach the document section after logging in.   If you need help reaching the documents, call   +1.866.378.1099 24 hours a day 7 days a week