Yoga Is Back (via Zoom)


We are delighted to let you know that Jamie is going to be teaching yoga again to our Grove Isle residents. She is offering a free online yoga class every Wednesday at 5pm via Zoom. Those of you who know her from when she was teaching on the island might like to join. Or anyone you know really! Yoga is especially beneficial these days!

Here is the link for the class:

Just click on that link at 5pm any Wednesday from now until the end of social distancing. 

Feel free to share with anyone and everyone who could use a good stretch for the body and mind!

Stay well!

our common areas are all closed

Contemporary Literature Library


As most of you know in Building Two's Social Room we have created a lovely library of contemporary fiction titles.

Unfortunately, due to water damage the Social Room in building two has been closed until repairs can be completed. The books have been boxed up for safe keeping and will be returned to the shelves as soon as the volunteers can get back into the library.  Sorry for this inconvenience. 

When the library reopens we will let you know and your donations will be very much appreciated. The library is very small and therefore it is limited to contemporary literature meaning it is restricted to recent fiction, novels only. The library accepts hard back books and large sized paper backs.  When donating books or returning books a cart is provided for your convenience. The library is maintained by volunteers and the books are shelved in alphabetical order by author. Non-fiction books are not accepted because there is not enough room to maintain a reference library.

If you have a large number of books  that are not appropriate for our library they can be donated to the Salvation Army.  The books will be picked up if they fill at least a carton and must be packed in card board boxes. Call them to arrange a pick up date, 800-728-7825.

Free on-demand rides around the Grove

Transportation around the Grove for just the cost of a Tip

Freebee is a  free ride service which you have probably seen around.  For just the cost of a tip to an inevitably delightful young person, they will pick you up from your building or anywhere in the Grove.   The carts are electric so not only do you avoid parking hassles but you are good for the environment.  Residents that have tried them love the service.



Hours of Operation

11am-8pm (Sun-Wed)
11am-11pm (Thurs-Sat)

Riders can request on-demand door-to-door transportation to and from the Grove. The program is funded through advertising.

You can hop on at any place or download the app and summon them for free. They are also Grove Ambassadors who will recommend places to visit or places to eat in the Grove 

The Freebee picking up residents from Grove Isle.

The Freebee picking up residents from Grove Isle.

The Isle

Our Welcoming Committee

Our Welcoming Committee

Our Welcoming Committee


  • As of May 1st, new residents will be given the opportunity to be greeted  by a volunteer Ambassador of Grove Isle.  Each  building will share information with our new neighbors about the  island's amenities, encourage them to keep up-to-date by attending  committee meetings, or get to know other residents through social  activities. Handy packets with important contact information as well as  ideas for becoming acquainted with Coconut Grove will be available.
  • Should an existing resident be interested in a visit by an Ambassador,  please call the Building Two Manager Claudia Perez at (305) 858-4186 for  an appointment.
  • The Ambassadorship Program reports to the Social Group of Grove Isle.
    Our Ambassadors for 2018/19 are:
    One:  Sheila Goodman, Damaris Gibb
    Two:  Dan Brown, Johnnie McDonald
    Three: Skeeter King, Sue Steinbook


Our Welcoming Committee

Our Welcoming Committee


Pool 2 and the club pool are closed at the moment.  Pool one remains available.

Pool One   (located between buildings 1 and 2)

Option 1

  • Walk to Building 1
  • Take the elevator to the second floor and use the door out to the sculpture deck to reach the pool.
  • NOTE: The common area keys from Buildings 2 and 3 will not work on  Building 1’s doors. To return via the second floor of Building 1, use  the buzzer next to the door to contact security. Provide your name and  apartment number. Building 1’s security guard will look you up in the  computer system and when confirmed, buzz you back in.

Option 2

  • Walk up Building 2’s parking ramp located between Buildings 1 and 2.
  • Please be careful walking up the ramp as it is a blind curve.
  • At the top of the ramp, head to the left and walk to the gray  plastic sheet that is hanging at the beginning of the covered portion of  the garage. 
  • Behind the sheet is an open doorway leading directly to the pool.
  • Please do not jump the fence from the parking garage.

Option 3

  • From inside Building 2, you can use the steps to get to the second  floor of the parking garage. Walk to the pool side of the garage and  use the doorway described above.

Option 4

  • Use the steps to Pool 1 from the grass/walkway behind Building 1.

Exercise (Gyms, Pools & Tennis)

Exercise (Gyms, Pools & Tennis)

Exercise (Gyms, Pools & Tennis)

The Gym

Building 1 - Enter by a door code which can be obtained from your building manager. 

  • We have spruced it up and will be adding more equipment in the coming months.
  • The gym is closed from 1-2 PM daily for cleaning.

Water Aerobics



TIME:  9:30-10:30     10:30-11:30

An earlier class can be added if there is enough interest

COST; $20,00 Per class per person. The instructor is willing to lower the cost if enough people are interested in the course.



Exercise Classes


Exercise Classes available to all In Building Three

We have daily exercise classes in Building three's fitness room. 

  • You can try the first class for free and get answers to any question by contacting Sue Steinbook at

From 8AM to 9AM  we have:

  • Monday: Aerobics & Weights
  • Tuesday: Pilates
  • Wednesday: Aerobics & Weights 
  • Thursday: Pilates
  • Friday: Aerobics & Weights 

From 9AM to 10AM we have:

  • Wednesday: Yoga



  • While the club has been closed and the property blocked off, some tennis courts are available.  Call for costs and to reserve: 305-860-4360


Exercise (Gyms, Pools & Tennis)

Exercise (Gyms, Pools & Tennis)


  • There is a regular game on Wednesday's at 7:15PM but they welcome everyone.
  • In fact some time ago they even gave some of us lessons.  
  • So if you  enjoy playing Canasta, pop in any Wednesday evening.

Thank You Social Group

Over the past year the Social Group has put together beach parties, evening cocktails, holiday parties and afternoon cards.

We would like to thank them for all their creativity and encourage everyone to provide them with  ideas for the upcoming year.

Recycling Education Team

The social group is looking for volunteers who are interested in being part of a team to become educated as to what can and cannot be recycled.  We need to be consistent with recycling in each building and have signage that is readable.  If you are interested please send your name and email address to

Want to form a group?

If you want to set up a regular game (e.g. bridge) or get the residents together for any other reason, let us know and we will publicize it and post it on the calendar.