Construction Update

From the CIC Committee

  • As you know, we are progressing with our major construction project addressing modernization and improvements to Grove Isle. This simple summary is meant to update you on the progress that is being made in some of the major areas. 
  • The deck and garages at Building #3 are behind schedule due to several required changes in the construction documents.   

Deck 3 

  • The repairs and the reconstruction of Deck #3 is almost complete.
  • Unfortunately Deck #3 was discovered to have areas which were not sufficient for the original landscape design.      
  • Several changes in the plans were agreed to by the construction and landscape architects. 
  • These documents have been revised and have been resubmitted to the City of Miami.  We are waiting approval for the resubmitted plans.
  • Next , upon receipt of the approved plans, will be the entire weatherproofing of Deck #3. 
  • The repairs and reconstruction of the structural support columns in the Deck 3 garage have been completed.

Deck #2 and the Pool Area

  • The demolition and reconstruction of Deck #2, the pool deck, and the pool is in motion. 
  • The garages under these locations are next in line for column repairs and improvements. 
  • The perimeter wall on Deck #2 is being demolished at this time and the reconstruction of the pool itself is also taking place.

We are aware of the inconveniences that this major improvement project creates for all of us. The CIC committee will continue to work closely with the construction manager, and will monitor and advise residents regarding the progress that is made.

CIC Committee

The serious problems we are addressing

Throughout the garage area  holes exist which wlll grow with time.

Cracks and Holes

You can see the cracks which widen into actual holes.   This is happening throughout the garage.

Support Pillars

The support pillars are being reinforced and checked for the type of weakness that commonly occurs at these points.   Think of a piece of paper resting on a pencil point. Putting weight on the paper can cause the paper to break around the pencil point.

The Scope of the Job

All our garages and decks are being carefully checked and rehabbed where necessary.   It's a major job and requires a clear space before work can begin both for safety and efficiency.  For that reason the cars are moved to areas where both the car and the valets are safe.