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Everyone Needs a Refresher


Updating our Rules and Regulations means that in addition to the residents understanding the changes, our security staff must too. To that end, Jorge Rosero our Director of Security organized classes to review the changes and to refresh our staff on the general protocol for interacting with our residents.

An experienced trainer was brought in from FSR and to date over fifty of the staff have been through the refresher training. They reviewed everything from conflict resolution to emergency procedures. 

We thought you would like to see some of the pictures from the training.


If you haven't already updated your service call Comcast to get included in our Association's new package. 

New Expanded Xfinity Benefits

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Our links will take you to the new FSR website

The FSR website now also has the new Rules and Regulations and the associated forms.    So even if you can't find the email just sent, you can download a copy at any time.

We want to remind you that the new, prettier version of the First Service Residential Portal is LIVE ! If you didn’t get the email notice via Grove.Isle.News ask your building’s manager for a copy.

From this point forward, to access your billing information and the Association’s documents (e.g. detailed committee reports), you will need to register on the new portal at This must be done even if you were already registered on the old FSR website. Click on ’Resident Access’ in the top-right corner. Please note that in order to sign up, you must have a current email address and mobile number registered with the Management Office.  

The FirstService Residential ‘Connect Resident Portal’ has a lot to offer most impressively an updated and responsive design which seamlessly supports desktop, tablet and mobile displays so you can access the site anytime and from any device.

It has a public landing page to showcase our community to prospective buyers, realtors and others. Have a great picture of the isle? Send it to your building manager for the site.

It offers a self-service platform you can use to edit your contact information, make payments, check balances, download forms and documents, view your permanent guest list, and more. The old website will shortly be discontinued so if you use these features, please register now.

The most exciting portion of this portal is still to come. It will soon provide the ability to notify you about package deliveries via your email.  It’s a great way to know if you should stop at security on your way home.  Once this feature is operational, you’ll get a notice from Grove.Isle.News 

If you are having difficulty registering, please contact your building’s Management Office. 

Building 1 : 305-858-1207

Building 2 : 305-858-4186

Building 3 : 305-856-4386


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