Annual Meeting Tuesday, Dec 11, 2018 at 7pm

Club Demolition Update

  • In  2015, the City of Miami issued a document called "demolition waiver"  requiring the Developer to obtain all building permits for the  construction of new Club Facilities before the present Club Facilities  could be closed and demolished. However, on Friday, August 31st the City  issued the Developer a demolition permit without the prior issuance of  building permits. We believed that the issuance of the demolition permit  violated not only the City's "demolition waiver", but Judge Miller's  Final Order of August 13, 2015, which also states that there can be no  demolition permit issued without the prior issuance of building permits.           
  • The  Association hired the law firm of Waldman Barnett to restrain the  implementation of the permit and, if possible, have it rescinded. We had  to hire a new firm, because our present attorneys, Weiss Serota, have a  conflict in suing the City. However, they remain our attorneys in other  matters before Judge Miller.
  • On  Friday, August 31st, Glen Waldman filed an emergency motion for a  temporary restraining order before Judge Miller. He also filed on  September 4th, an independent mandamus complaint against the City of  Miami seeking to rescind the demolition permit and not reissue it until  building permits are issued.
  • On  September 5th, the Developer agreed in the pending case before Judge  Miller to enter into a stipulation agreement with the Association that  it could not implement the demolition permit until the City issues to it  building permits. Also on September 5th, Judge Miller signed an order  ratifying the stipulation agreement.
  • The mandamus action against the City will proceed.


The Board of Directors


The Board Urges You to Pay Your Dues

The Board continues to ask those of you who have  not  paid  your dues, do so as soon as possible.


Annual Meeting in December

  • The First Notice to Owners of the Election of Directors of the Association was sent Sept 27th both by surface mail and via our Grove.Isle.News email. If you did not receive it, please ask your building’s manager to provide you with a copy. 

  • The Association's Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 11, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. in the Grove Isle Club. 

  • Any eligible person who desires to be a candidate for a position on the Association's Board of Directors must give written notice of their intention to seek such a position to the Association. 

  • The Candidate Application Form was included in that email and must be received no later than Thursday, November 1, 2018.


Important Notice About Dogs 

  • It has been brought to the attention of the Operations Committee that there is an on-going  violation of our rules. Several of the residents of Grove Isle who own  dogs are not picking up their pet’s feces in common areas and the grounds. 
  • A letter has been sent to all residents via Grove.Isle.News reminding dog owners to clean up after their pets but let your building manager know if you observe offenders. 

Respect the Handicapped Ramps

  • Management has received several complaints regarding residents and/or visitors that park and leave their vehicles in front and on the side of the building, blocking the handicap ramps.


  • This is a “No Parking” area. 
  • Anyone that parks and leaves their vehicle in this area will be towed away at the owner’s expense.

  • As per the Grove Isle Condominium Rules and Regulations, parking vehicles in unauthorized area is prohibited. 
  • We encourage all of our residents and visitors to take advantage of the island’s valet service, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your building manager's office


Please Send Two Checks

  • The Finance Committee reminds residents to please send SEPARATE checks for the maintenance and special assessment payments.    
  • Sending one check not only creates additional bookkeeping work but it can put your account into arrears until corrected. 

A/C Systems

 Just a reminder that your HVAC unit (Air-conditioning) in the closet outside your apartment  is each resident’s responsibility to maintain. We suggest a yearly  maintenance, cleaning and check by an air conditioning contractor. It is  important that the HVAC lines be flushed and cleaned on a regular basis  by a professional.     

Committee Chairs

  • Board President - Thomas Cadigan President


  • Capital Improvements   -   William McDonald


  • Budget and Finance Committee   -    Karen Gilmore 


  • Legal Affairs   -   Dan Brown

These meetings are closed to all but committee members due to the sensitive  nature of the discussions.


  • Insurance Committee   -   Thomas Cadigan


  • Security Committee   -    Dan Brown 


  • Valet Committee   -   William McDonald 


  • Gym Committee   -   Al Leon  


  • Landscaping Committee   -   Shep Faber 


  • Design Committee  - Co-chairs   Arline Silver & Janet Katz 


  • Operations Committee    -  James Gelly 


Official Minutes and Condo Documents

  • To obtain the official minutes of meetings and any of the Condo Docs including the Rules & Regs etc., please use our secure website which can be reached via the link below.  For brief summaries of the meetings see the "Meetings" section of this website.
  • The Forms and Documents section of our secure site has minutes of all Board Meetings, most Committee Meetings, the FSR Monthly Management Reports, as well as personal financial data for your unit.  You must be a resident to log-in and access these documents.  To obtain a personalized User ID and Password, please contact your building's management office.
  • If you already have a password click here to link to the log-in page. 


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