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TALKING TRASH By the Rubble Rousers



 IT’S NOT hunky mark wahlberg in an m. night shyamalan disaster movie. This Happening is good news. And, folks, we’re being serious here.

The Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove  has state they are "uniting residents, local business leaders, organizations, educational and faith institutions across the state to stand for our communities and environment against Plastic.”  Working tirelessly, the 128-year-old Woman’s Club has partnered with the Coconut Grove Village Council to start the ball rolling on banning plastic bags in Coconut Grove. Many municipalities within Miami Dade, Bal Harbor, Bay Harbor Islands, Surfside, Key Biscayne, City of Miami Beach, and Coral Gables have successfully implemented city-wide bans on the sale and distribution of various single-use plastics.”   

“We can no longer recycle our way out of this problem...Despite efforts to expand recycling programs. Less than 5%of single-use plastic bags are currently being recycled. The rest of these bags end up in our landfills or as litter, clogging storm-drain systems, and making their way to our waterways and oceans....It is estimated that 60-80% of all marine debris, and 90% of floating debris is plastic. 

As a result, it poses a persistent threat to wildlife, killing millions of marine animals like sea turtles and sea birds every year.”

Egads! Those statistics are mind boggling. Because of our lackadaisical habits, we’re killing birds and turtles and dolphins. OH MY.  We have to admit: the 60’s generation, which spawned disposable, is now reaping the results of our cleverness. Our children and grandchildren are paying for the convenience in our lives.  The world is suffering from the manufactured products which do not degrade. 



What can you do to help?   


  • Join the Florida Plastic-Free Coalition. Stay informed and involved. Sign up by email: Billie Jean Baldwinn, the Conservation Committee Chair of the Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove is the person leading this charge.

  • Reduce the amount of plastic you use by carrying your own reusable items such as water bottle, cups, shopping bags, and straws. Consider green products, such as biodegradable or compostable. One source is 

  • Ask your favorite restaurants to switch to cardboard carryout containers, paper bags and paper straws. And none of that Styrofoam crapola.

  • · Remind smokers that cigarette butts are the #1 most littered item in the world and harm wildlife. The filters are Not Biodegradable.

  • · Think and act responsibly. Everything you throw away has a permanent existence and a consequence.  

  • · Check out to see the extent of the problem for our oceans and what one concerned organization is doing to help. 

Note: A recent article in March 5, 2019 edition of The Atlantic (can be found on-line) What Happens Now That China Won’t Take U.S. Recycling? discusses the future of waste in our country. It’s a scary read. Also, check out The New Yorker’s A Grand Plan to Clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Feb 4, 2019; a valiant effort by some young entrepreneurs. CBS News, April 1, 2019 on-line: Why recycling efforts are getting trashed: “This is a total no-no” is another expose on recycling.

And so, it’s happy trails for The Rubble Rousers: Bobbi, Janet, Johnnie, Lois, and skeeter. We wish to Thank our enthralled reading public for your attention to “Talking Trash.” Let’s make Grove isle a positive example for responsible recycling.  


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