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Important Messages from the Board

The Board Urges You to Pay Your Dues

The Board continues to ask those of you who have  not  paid  your dues, do so as soon as possible.

A/C Systems 

Just a reminder that your HVAC unit (Air-conditioning) in the closet outside your apartment  is each resident’s responsibility to maintain. We suggest a yearly  maintenance, cleaning and check by an air conditioning contractor. It is  important that the HVAC lines be flushed and cleaned on a regular basis  by a professional.  


Meetings - July & August

Committee Meetings

Our committees are on summer break 

Valet Parking


  • As of July 1st, residents and their guests will no longer need the parking coupons .  
  • Those of you that have un-used tickets after July 1st, 2018 can return them to the valet office for a refund. 
  • Tipping the valets for all the wonderful non-parking services they provide for all of us is appropriate.


Prepare for Summer

Dear Residents,

  • Below Please find the Grove Isle Hurricane Guide/Procedures.
  • A key part of preparing is to ensure  that  all shutters are in good working order.  
  • Check your email for the notices sent out March 27 and April 30 should you need repair assistance.

Click Here for the Hurricane Guide

Our Library in Building Two

We want to thank all of you who volunteered to care for the library during July and August.


Opportunity to Pay off the Special Assessment

  • As arranged when we voted for the assessment, those paying the  Special Assessment monthly have an opportunity to pay off the total  outstanding amount twice a year.  
  • Your remaining balance can be paid in total in July.
  • If you wish to pay off the outstanding balance, and are current through June, please see the Grove.Isle.News memo of June 15.
  • To activate this option the total amount is due by July 1 st , 2018.
  • Should you have any questions or need clarification on the amount, please contact your respective Building Management office.


Please Send Two Checks

  • The Finance Committee reminds residents to please send SEPARATE checks for the maintenance and special assessment payments.    
  • Sending one check not only creates additional bookkeeping work but it can put your account into arrears until corrected. 

Committee Listing

The list below is by committee. 

  • Board Meeting - Thomas Cadigan President


  • Capital Improvements   -   William McDonald


  • Budget and Finance Committee   -    Karen Gilmore 


  • Legal Affairs   -   Chair Dan Brown

These meetings are closed to all but committee members due to the sensitive  nature of the discussions.


  • Insurance Committee   -   Chair Thomas Cadigan


  • Security Committee   -   Chair  Dan Brown 


  • Valet Committee   -   Chair   William McDonald 


  • Gym Committee   -   Chair  Al Leon  


  • Landscaping Committee   -   Chair  Shep Faber 


  • Design Committee  - Co-chairs   Arline Silver & Janet Katz 


  • Operations Committee    -  Chair  James Gelly 


Official Minutes and Condo Documents

To obtain the official minutes of meetings and any of the Condo Docs including the Rules & Regs etc., please use our secure website which can be reached via the link below.  For brief summaries of the meetings see the "Meetings" section of this website.

  • The Forms and Documents section of our secure site has minutes of all Board Meetings, most Committee Meetings, the FSR Monthly Management Reports, as well as personal financial data for your unit.  You must be a resident to log-in and access these documents.  To obtain a personalized User ID and Password, please contact your building's management office.
  • If you already have a password click here to link to the log-in page.  

You can still join

Although the committees have been formed under the new Board Chairs, you can continue to join throughout the year.  To join a Board Committee our bylaws say:

  1. Speak to the Chair of the Committee
  2. The Chair must nominate new members based on the number of current members, skills etc.
  3. The Chair will propose nominations to the Board.
  4. At a full Board Meeting, the Board will vote on the nominations.
  5. After approval you will be part of the committee 

Please remember whether you are a member of not, you can attend all meetings.   However, being a member  of a committee will afford you more opportunity to provide input.


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